Tagape interview  in Paris, 2023

Le Monde review, 2023

Le Monde interview, 2023

A podcast with The Economist's Intelligence, 2022

China's YiXi Media book talk, 2021

"Die Schöne und das Geld" in the Frankfurter Allgmeine, 2021

"Thinking Allowed" on The BBC, on Fashion and VIP Parties, 2020

A podcast with Tyler Cowen on Marginal Revolution, 2020

A podcast on The Economist's Intelligence , 2020

A podcast with two surfing philosopher bros, "Going Deep with Chad and JT", 2020

An interview with Anders Boas in Weekendavisen, Det simple liv, 2020

Radio Interview with Radio New Zealand, Sunday Morning with Jim Mora, 2020

Radio interview with Michael Patrick Shiels on Michigan's Big Show, 2020

A podcast with Sigrun Olafsdottir at the University of Iceland, 2020

An interview with the New York Post, 2020

An interview with Slate, "The Pleasure of Wasting Things That Are Rare and Valuable", 2020

A podcast on The Social Science Bites with David Edmonds about Very Important People, 2020

 An interview with Psychology Today, "Club Scout," 2020

An interview in Consume This!, the ASA Consumers and Consumption Section blog, with Kjerstin Gruys in Scholars’ Conversations, 2019

An interview with Kinga Rajzak in Rika Magazine, "Under the Skin," 2018 

Here is a podcast about the research for Very Important People on the The Annex, 2017

An interview with Steve Vallas about workplace ethnography and glamour on the OOW blog Work in Progress, 2016 


2022  "Hocus Focus: How Magicians Made a Fortune on Facebook."  The Economist 1843 Magazine, July 28

2020  "The Secret Economics of a VIP Party."  The Economist 1843 Magazine, June 25

2020   "Five Surprising Things I Learned from Partying with Rich People."  Literary Hub, May 22

2014    Who Runs the Girls?”  Op-Ed for The New York Times, Sunday Review, September 21.

2011   “Poor Models.  Seriously.”  Op-Ed for The New York Times, September 15.

2011 “Will Work for Cool.”  Op-Ed for Work in Progress, Blog of the ASA’s Organizations, Occupations and Work Section, December 13.

2010   “How Supermodels Are Like Toxic Assets.”  Guest Blog for Three Quarks Daily appearing July 12 (Reprinted in The Week)

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